Body Treatments


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Therapy consisting of subcutaneous infiltrations with lipolytic substances for obesity, cellulite or flaccidity. It is a general or localized treatment.

Treatment Duration: 15 min.

Results: per week.

Follow-up: once a week.


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Massages for obesity. Anti-Cellulite Therapy, is the manual way of massaging the adipose tissue, draining the fat; in order to restore the skin to a healthy appearance. This massage, although it is an excellent help to eliminate the bulging and deformed appearance of the abdomen, back, thighs and other areas; It requires discipline on the part of the person since to definitively eradicate Cellulite, very good eating habits and constant exercise are needed.

Treatment Duration: 1 hour.

Results: Immediate. 

Follow-up: –

Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Marlene Granados Facials Beauty and Medical Spa

It is a special, very technical and delicate type of massage that is used to eliminate waste from the body and renew the lymph in the tissues.

Since it eliminates toxins, it works very effective for the treatment of cellulite.
Currently its use has grown dramatically due to the increase in cosmetic surgeries where it is efficiently recommended before and after operations to reduce inflammation, heal bruises, drain fluid accumulations, improve circulation and skin tone.

Treatment Duration: 1 hour.

Results: Immediate. 

Follow-up: if it is post-surgical, daily.


Ultracavitation is an ultrasonic wave that destroys the fatty tissue of the patient.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Pregnant, kidney, liver, heart failure. Do not expose yourself to the sun before the session. Any metal prosthesis in the body. It is not applied on wounds, wait 3 months after any surgery.

Treatment Duration: 30 min.

Results: Immediate.

Follow-up: Every 4 days or once a week.


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It is an electromagnetic wave that adheres to the skin tissue at the body level. As an immediate result, the collagen fibers respond to the emission of heat with a contraction and tighten. The thermal effect increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts causing the generation of new collagen causing an improvement in the tightening of the skin.

Treatment Duration: 30 min.

Results: Immediate.

Follow-up: every 4 days or once a week.


Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

It is a device that converts electromagnetic energy to high frequency sound waves (3 MHz), which penetrate the tissue to calm pain and facilitate tissue healing through thermal and non-thermal reactions. It is a good treatment compatible with mesotherapy to combat the hardest cellulite and localized fat. It also improves lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate fluids, as well as blood circulation, therefore it is highly recommended after surgery because it helps reduce inflammation faster and a better post-surgical result is achieved.

Treatment Duration: 30 min.

Results: immediate.

Follow-up: as many times as necessary.


Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

It is the latest technology to reduce measure and for cellulite. It is a massage with special suction cannulas to remove fat and stimulate circulation. In turn, perform the lymphatic drainage massage to detoxify and eliminate toxins.

Treatment Duration: 45 min.

Results: Immediate.

Follow-up: Interday.


Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

In a single session, the three layers of the skin are worked, emitting microdots of ultrasonic waves and destroying all the adipose tissue. As the middle and superficial layers of the tissue are also worked, it helps to reposition the skin while fighting the degree of flaccidity.

Treatment Duration: 3 hours.

Results: 3 months.

Follow-up: every 6 months or once a year.


Facial Marlene Granados Facials Beauty and Medical Spa

Machine that works with laser energy, helps to shape the body, reduce localized fat, works to improve cellulite and helps tighten sagging tissue.

Treatment Duration: 30 min.

Results: Immediate.

Follow-up: 1 time a week.

Whitening of Undersarms and Intimate Areas

Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

We offer this excellent treatment that contains a delicate cosmetic formulation that visibly improves the appearance of sensitive areas. Among them we have chloroacetic acid to revitalize the appearance of the area, kogic acid to help to notably favor the blocking of skin with dark spots for a smoother skin. The areas to be treated can be: the Mount of Venus, the labia majora, the perianal region, the inguinal area and the armpits.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes.

Results: 6 sessions are recommended.

Follow-up: every week.


Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

In this treatment suction is used which will feel high first (without pain) as it draws your skin towards the cup. While the cups are on the skin, they loosen and lift connective tissue, increasing blood and lymphatic flow to the skin and muscles. That feeling passes quickly as the next cup is placed and is performed with a routine of relaxing massages.
It is important to understand that the remaining red circle marks are NOT permanent. They hardly hurt and will disappear in 3 to 6 days, depending on the severity.

Treatment Duration: 60 minutes.

Results: You will see results with the first session.

Anesthesia: No.

Follow-up: 7 days later.