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It is a makeup technique, which is part of aesthetic micro-pigmentation, which emerged in Asia, whose objective is to completely correct or reconstruct an eyebrow lacking or absent from hair. It is a semi-permanent hair-to-hair tattoo that will allow you to show off perfect and natural eyebrows. It is performed with a tool similar to a beveled scalpel that contains up to 14 needles. With them, liquid pigments are inserted into the most superficial part of the epidermis.

Treatment Duration: Approx. Three hours.

Results: Approx. 2 years.

Follow-up: It requires a touch-up after 27 days.

Eyelash Extension

Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

Eyelash extensions are the ideal way to look glamorous all the time. No worries or fuss, just get up and go! Eyelash extensions are applied one at a time and designed just for you, based on the shape and color of your eyes, as well as your hair color and personal style.

Treatment Duration: approx. 2 hours.

Results: Lasts approx. 1 month; if the 2-week maintenance is done.

Follow-up: every 20 days.

Eyelash Curl

Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

Curl your own lashes and give it a glamorous look without using lash extensions.

Treatment Duration: 1 hour – 1 hour and a half.

Results: Lasts for 2 and a half months – 3 months.

Follow-up: 4 months.


Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

A natural product is used. Makes a temporary shading style makeup effect on the brow.

Treatment Duration: 30 min.

Results: 1 week and a half.

Follow-up: As desired.

Tint for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

Paint the hair to eliminate gray hair avoiding the need to remove them in such a way that there are no gaps.

Treatment Duration: 10 -15 minutes (eyebrows) and approx. 30 min (eyelashes).

Results: lasts 3 months.

Follow-up: None.


Marlene Granados Beauty and Medical Spa

Pain-free technique, which aims to provide the eyebrows with more definition and more populated appearance. The eyebrows will appear to be thicker and will increase the density of the eyebrows in the long term.

Treatment Duration: 15 -25 min.

Results: lasts 4-6 weeks.